7 reasons why you need a new contract manufacturer

Having second thoughts about your healthcare support surface portfolio – or your producer? Maybe you can relate to the common product design, quality and value issues that we see – and can help you solve:

Do you need a sophisticated medical surface with state of the art microclimate control…or a budget-friendly laminated foam design?

By looking at all the variables, from facility and patient type to financial constraints, Alpha Tekniko can help you decide what kind of healthcare surface design is the best solution for you and your end users. We make use of a variety of technologies – air, foam, active cooling systems – plus advanced medical fabrics that enhance comfort and moisture management, to develop the right product for you.

Modern medical bed models usually require a specific surface design, to optimize the bed’s performance and avoid mattress damage.

We’ve created advanced, effective mattresses for step-deck beds; beds that turn into chairs; chairs that turn into beds; beds with expandable/retractable lengths and widths; beds that tilt; and sometimes beds that probably should be retired, but are still in service. Even with the latter, we can design products that will offer patients a comfortable, safe and therapeutic support surface.

If your healthcare surface product line isn’t broad or deep enough to meet new market demands, or you find yourself losing sales opportunities because you don’t offer an alternating pressure model or a step-deck design, please call us.

Instead of diverting your scarce R & D and manufacturing resources to launch a new product, using Alpha Tekniko as your full service contract manufacturer makes so much more sense. In an evolving and uncertain healthcare market, rely on us.

Looking for good-better-best pricing options, or new product features and functions that will invigorate your sales story?

As a DME inventor and patent holder, Alpha Tekniko has developed products that keep our customers not simply competitive, but in market leadership positions. With exhaustive knowledge of end user, production, supply chain and regulatory demands, we’ll give you the latest support surface technology – not mere clones of outdated designs.

Need for Product Differentiation

Medical facility interest in healthier care environments and supplies, e.g. with no latex, flame retardants, PVC or other unnecessary chemical additives, is driving development of new DME, furnishing and patient treatment products.

Having ready access to specially-formulated foams and cover fabrics means Alpha Tekniko will help keep you and your customers at the forefront of the “healthy hospitals” movement.

What can we say – product cost, design, quality, delivery, billing, responsiveness, even personality clash problems will change your thinking about your current contract manufacturing partners.

Alpha Tekniko has helped numerous customers transition out of these failing relationships and into full production at our facility, with a minimum of disruption.

An Alpha Tekniko employee performs a final quality inspection before mattresses are packaged for shipping.

2019 will bring a marked change in the way medical surface brand owners can create, promote and performance-test their products.

Don’t be caught unawares; you want to be fully educated and prepared to meet the new ISO 20342 requirements. Ask Alpha Tekniko for help.

As a contract manufacturer who regularly unravels client problems, gets at root causes, and creates customized solutions, Alpha Tekniko takes an “alpha to omega” approach to your projects. From initial meetings – often, at medical facilities with real patients on surfaces – to initial shipments, we work hard to understand you and your market needs.

Our goal is not just to make your product, but to make it better.