How products are born: Alpha Tekniko consulting services

Those over-allocated R & D and product design resources of yours? Keep them focused on your current strategic mission, and let us help with future, speculative, overflow or market test/research projects.

Alpha Tekniko performs pressure mapping on all custom surface designs, as well as providing the testing as a standalone consulting service.

After anatomical zones are created in a mattress design, pressure mapping confirms that vulnerable areas like the back of the head, sacrum and heels are experiencing the lowest possible pressure.


Here are some of the ways Alpha Tekniko has assisted clients with support surface-related consulting:


  • Support surface product design – mattresses, pads, cushions, safe patient handling devices and other specialty products
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering of surface products
  • Product costing and bill of materials development
  • Pressure mapping – all types of support surfaces
  • Thermal mapping – all types of surfaces
  • Regulatory compliance, both domestic and international
  • Support surface materials evaluation
  • Surface fit and performance analysis
  • Failure analysis; related design improvements

Contact us with an overview of what you need, and we can provide a consulting quote in tandem with your manufacturing assignment or as a separate service.

Typical Design/Build Projects