Privacy Policy–Alpha Tekniko

The importance of your information
Alpha Tekniko is not in the data collection business, nor will we ever take advantage of your company’s information to make money. We only ask for as much detail as is necessary to contact you and answer your questions. While we cannot guarantee absolute data security in this age of hackers, we do not publish, share or sell anything we know about you.

Information you voluntarily provide
In order to be contacted by us, you may be asked for a company name and address; individual name and address; phone and fax numbers, Email addresses and other avenues of communication. We make personal contact with any website user who requests product specifications, a quote, or other information about our company that’s not displayed on this site.

Your voluntary submission of this information is, we hope, the start of a business relationship between your company and Alpha Tekniko. You have the right to opt out of further communications from Alpha Tekniko; simply notify any manager shown in the “Contact Us” section of this site.

Information we may automatically collect about you
Because how you view and interact with this website will tell us how to improve its functioning, we look at impersonal data about things like the date and time of your visit; from what other site your visit originated; how long you spend looking at the site; what pages you spend the most time on; the search terms you use; whether or not you download any information from here; and the IP (Internet Protocol) address and operating system of your computer.

None of this information is personally identifiable to you. It’s aggregated with the behavior of other visitors, and used to drive changes leading to a better user experience and more relevant content for you.

Links to other websites
If a link to another site is listed here, please exercise normal business caution and check their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before entering the site.

The administrative stuff
Continued use of this site signifies your agreement to this Policy. If we’re ever subpoenaed by a legal entity, or acquired by another company, there may be some forced sharing of your company information. We will notify you in advance if either scenario happens. This Privacy Policy was updated on July 15, 2018.