Contract manufacturing services from Alpha Tekniko:

Air/foam cells in Alpha Tekniko's custom alternating pressure mattress make the surface comfortable even without an air pump.

Air/foam cells ready for assembly into adaptive flotation mattresses. When cells are interconnected with special flexible tubing, air moves from one cell to another and gently re-distributes pressure as the patient moves.

A top layer of healthcare surface foam cut in Alpha Tekniko's exclusive ShearTek sculpt.
Gel-infused viscoelastic foam is sculpted in Alpha Tekniko's exclusive ShearTek design, with channels for air movement in the mattress's top layer.

Among many options for a mattress’s sculpted top foam layer, our exclusive ShearTek™ design allows air to flow more freely under the mattress cover, while protecting a moving patient from shear forces.  Bottom photo shows ShearTek layer made with gel-infused, viscoelastic foam.

Custom fitted surface solutions for all DME
  • Acute care beds – adult, pediatric
  • Long-term care beds
  • Transitional and home care beds
  • Stretchers including transport, day surgery, labor & delivery models
  • Operating room tables
  • Wheelchairs
Product design services
  • Research and development
  • Materials recommendations
  • Product definition
  • Specification development
  • Production drawings and documentation
  • Competitive product analysis
Prototype creation
  • Hand-assembled proof of concept samples
  • Production quality validation samples
  • Multiple iterations as needed
Rigorous design verification
  • FDA-compliant design history file
  • Assistance with field validation
  • Risk analysis
Full-service production
  • CNC fabric cutting
  • Advanced fabric sewing
  • Fabric screen printing
  • Radio frequency welding, including design and production of complex tooling
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • CNC foam fabrication
  • Specialized gluing (using environmentally responsible adhesives)
  • Component assembly
  • Fulfillment services