Questions? Here’s who to ask:

For questions about: R & D, new projects, custom product design, ISO regulations, NPUAP recommendations, manufacturing equipment and capabilities, laboratory testing:

Ted Lazakis

Owner/President/Technical Director
847.550.5110 ext. 161 main
847.660.2342 direct

For questions about: logistics, packaging, freight quotes, shipping rates, international shipping, duties and tariffs, hiring and training, insurance and benefits:

Tia Lazakis

Owner/Vice President of Operations
847.550.5110 ext. 164 main
847.660.2345 direct

For questions about: capital purchases, leases, payment terms, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, account setup:

Mike Sutcliffe

Chief Financial Officer
847.550.5110 ext. 167 main
847.637.5390 direct

For questions about: this website, marketing, PR, advertising, trade shows, promotional expenses, product development, media inquiries:

Susan Hall

Chief Marketing Officer
847.550.5110 ext. 170 main
847.660.2351 direct

For questions about: product specifications, price quotations, production scheduling, raw materials purchasing, fabric cutting, foam cutting:

Lisa Ravnsbeck

Technical Services Manager
847.550-5110 ext. 162 main
847.660.2343 direct

For questions about: order status, delivery times, shippers, LTL carriers, invoicing, updating customer records, receiving:

Denise Beggs

Customer Service Coordinator
847.550.5110 ext. 163 main
847.660.2343 direct

Ted Lazakis confirms placement and function of microclimate mattress components with an Alpha Tekniko employee.