Other products and services

For international customers

Do you want a U.S.-made support surface shipped to your own overseas markets? Or do you need a U.S.-based manufacturer for an international product to be sold in the States?

  • U.S.-made products are in demand in many parts of the world. If you want an easy way to include American goods in your line, or to compete with American manufacturers who have a foothold in your overseas market, please allow us to quote your project. We’ll also work with you to find the most economical ways to ship and distribute your products.
  • As an alternative opportunity, if your plan is to launch your own international brands within the U.S. and you need a domestic manufacturer to avoid those dramatic trans-ocean shipping charges, send us your RFP. We currently produce support surfaces that meet both U.S. and European regulatory requirements, and are happy to help with your American market introduction.

Even with the relative strength of the U.S. dollar, we can design products to meet a price point for you, or to simply fill gaps in your healthcare product offering. Our support surfaces will give you unsurpassed performance with features and functions not found in many internationally-sourced products, and can be made to fit any global DME model. Simply use the Contact Us form to get your project started.

Non-healthcare product lines

Custom Porsche® replacement seat covers
Well-hidden within our manufacturing resume is the ability to produce perfect-fitting custom seat cover replacements for the Porsche GT2 and GT3. Available in a variety of colors, the seat covers are made with luxurious Alcantara™ fabric and can be made in one or two pieces depending on your Porsche seat design. Contact our Chief Executive Driver, Ted Lazakis (ted@alphatekniko.com) for more information and current pricing.

Pet beds, replacement baby stroller cushions and other consumer soft goods
Although not our current market focus, miscellaneous consumer products have frequently been a part of our company history. If you have a specialty item for which you need contract manufacturing services, please contact us to see if our capabilities are a good fit for your requirements. With negotiable minimum order quantities and quick production time – especially compared to waiting for container loads from Asia – Alpha Tekniko may be just what you need to launch or roll out your product.

CNC machine time offerings

Specialized manufacturing services such as foam cutting, fabric panel cutting, industrial sewing, precision fabric welding, gluing/lamination and product assembly, can be quoted on an hourly or per-piece basis. Setup charges and minimum service volume charges may apply. Please see our full list of contract manufacturing services under the Solutions and Services menu, and use the Contact Us form to get the discussion started.

A bun of foam is sliced and sculpted in Alpha Tekniko's CNC foam cutting department.